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Nature itself is an art, a gift and a blessing, and for us at Blue Dreams we have proven this to be true. Since we moved to our farm, we have been taking photos of beautiful awesome things in our farm and some of those photos have been a source of inspiration for our Blue Dreams Home & Arts Collection transforming these into an exclusive work of art like oil painting, embroidered linen, silk art and hand blown glasses.

I do love photography and I have taken many photos before, but this is truly the first time that I really feel a connection with each and every subject, a moment where I feel this shot is all I’ve got and I better jump to get this special moment with nature. I feel renewed in spirit and blessed to live in our farm to capture moments with nature in this blessed land. These photos I took in our farm and now turned into oil paintings continue to give me joy and appreciation of life's everyday blessings.

Living in our farm is like moments with nature where my appreciation of nature’s gifts to us has sharpened my senses and lenses. For a long time, like in my childhood days, my heart is once again in awe and jumping with joy with simple things surrounding me. I am full of gratitude for being able to live closer to free and simple things that I enjoyed most.

From creative passion of designing graphics inspired by nature, our vision of what may come, and moments with my loved ones I feel blessed to share the colorful boldness and yet soft refreshing elegance of what I see in and around our Blue Dreams farm. The here and now simple beauty of colorful flowers, fluttering butterflies, graceful birds, the ever captivating sceneries with changing seasons, the ruggedness of our place is turned into what I think is an elegantly captured collection of fine work of arts with a heart.

After several months of meticulous work, I also worked with our partner to produce hand blown glasses with hand painted designs inspired by some of my photography. The enchanting hues of purple and blues, especially made from environment-friendly recycled glasses and hand blown to create these pieces of glass art, are vivid and truly lovely. Some are hand painted with lavenders, roses and other nature’s beauty that has surrounded us here in our farm.

Please check my creative designs that have now been turned into oil paintings and other work of arts. Enjoy these moments with nature though my photography turned into an art with a heart!

Lavender, Roses & Tea Inspiring Gifts of Nature's Beauty. Our Specialty Handmade Lovingly!

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