Our Story: A Journey of Faith and Dreams

Our dream for Blue Dreams USA began in a barren land in Frederick, Maryland. We bought this 25-acre farm in 2004 with a dream rooted from our love for nature, fruits, vegetables, flowers and any green living thing.

On vacation days and travel, we visited various farms to be inspired and to see what other people are doing with small farms similar to ours. The tremendous learning and experience made our hearts grow ponder for flowers, herbs, natural products and nature-inspired living.

Our dream to live here, share its beauty to the community and fulfill the vision we see in our hearts and minds came true when we moved here in 2014.

Leap of Faith

Getting closer to retirement age, we took a leap of faith to make sure that we pursue our lifetime dream even if it means giving up some of life’s comforts we are used to.

So far we are very comfortable and at peace with our decisions to move to our farm. Though it is challenging, it will be one of the best times of our lives no matter how hard it may be. Indeed, our leap of faith is a road leading us to our very own field of dreams!

Our Dreams - Our Vision: Thoughtful Expressions of Nature

Our dream is to develop our farm where every corner is a moment in time and bursting with colors you can see and smell from afar. To us, this was fascinating and a source of joy. Nature itself is an art, a gift and a blessing. Why in the world should we keep this for ourselves. Transforming our farm into something that our grandkids, children, friends and family would enjoy was something close to our hearts. This “shareable” moment and colorful vision through thoughtful expressions of nature is something we wish to share with the world.

Our vision where everything we sell or share is nature-inspired, where thoughtful expressions of nature is a way of life. From the food we eat, to the drink we drink and the care and bath products we put into our body, we want to share something that is eco-friendly and naturally good for the body, mind and spirit.

With this vision in mind, our life in our farm has been about transforming our dreams into reality, one plant, one dream blossoming at a time. Each has a story. Each is a dream transformed into what we think you will equally enjoy as we now do.

Lavender, Roses & Tea
Three is a Charm

Our vision of colorful thoughtful collection of items inspired by lavender, roses, tea and nature all around us made us focus on these three charming plants came naturally. The ease in which we worked on a number of inspirational pieces from these three plants was inspiring. They were after all, Imelda's favorites. More possibilities are coming, but they say in business do what you love and enjoy most, so there we go.. lavender, roses & tea!

Lavender - The Blue Gold

It was serendipity when Imelda saw awesome photos of lavenders in a Facebook posting by a friend, Zeny Veloso. Known in France as “Blue Gold” for the value-added products and sought after essential oils used by many big brand name cosmetics, we were both hooked. We visited several lavender farms, learned a lot and saw the true promise of this perennial herb mint. In November 2013 and May 2014, we planted our first field of lavenders. It was a family affair and quite a big chore for people like us who never planted before.

Some of those we planted in Fall 2013 died due to hard winter of 2013, but surprisingly, those that survived gave us our first harvest in late summer 2014 enough to try them in our cooking, baking and handmade soaps. We were also heartened by how a simple lavender soap helped my grandchild’s skin problems disappear. Even our pets love the lavender biscuits I baked for Raleigh when he was sick. Along with our children’s dogs, we saw first-hand the healing and calming powers of lavenders. Even my skin seemed to love the bath and body products with lavender and natural ingredients.

From this one beautiful plant, the lavender, a dream has blossomed to make this as part of our farm. What we personally experience affirmed why lavender is called a “blue gold.”

Rose - A Symbol of Forever Love

Ever since Imelda was young roses are her favorite flowers. After the lavender, the next plants that we planted right after we moved in our farm in March 2014 were knockout roses. Husband Jeff was happy to oblige and together, we planted 21 roses in honor of our time together. In May, the roses started blooming and our first spring in our farm was a burst of pink, red and yellow roses. The sight was inspiring and quite romantic. It was heartening to see the before and after transformation of Imelda’s favorite spot that has a big boulder rock surrounded by roses.

Rose is indeed one single plant that is full of dreams and inspiration. With roses as inspiration, Imelda captured the essence of roses that reflect upon the beauty of roses and the everlasting symbol of love.

Tea Time Moments

It was peaceful moments of taking a break over a cup of green tea with lavender that gave us the idea of a tea house in our farm. We envisioned the tea house to be surrounded by lavenders, herbs, flowers that are used for tea, and other heartwarming items to enjoy thoughtful moments. With photos Imelda posted in Facebook and the idea she shared with her family and friends, the idea received lots of affirmation.

What started as an idea from a single cup of tea has now blossomed into a vision of a tea that speaks of “Blue Dreams Tea Time Moments.” Being surrounded by lavenders, roses and other flowers, Imelda worked on her first lavender-inspired signature collection of tea pot sets.

To us, the collection reflects upon the awesome “Tea Time Moments” while enjoying the flowers all around our gardens.

Home is Where the Heart Is -Arts with a Heart!

The first year in our farm made us realized it is indeed our home sweet home. It was also a time to explore, dream and in all honesty we were full of hopes that the leap of faith we took will pay off. Despite the challenges of building and other transition issues, our move to our farm was life changing in many positive ways. It was also a discovery of what we really love.

As we took photos and capture our moments with nature through our lenses, there is a sense of awe and inspiration. By the time we know it, some of the photos we took became our inspiration for a number of things that we decorated our house with. From photos that were turned into oil painting, plus mosaic painstakingly done for us, we took pride that these are unique pieces not available anywhere else. Our home is where the heart is. The photos transformed into arts conveyed the heartfelt emotions we feel for being blessed to have the opportunity to capture “Moments with Nature.” With this as an inspiration, signature pieces of artwork were born, including hand blown glasses specially made from our design, Blue Dreams USA Home & Arts was born.

Our Journey and Dreams are yours to enjoy!

From a small lavender plant, bare root roses, an empty cup of tea, and the joy of capturing our moments in the farm, we have pulled these pieces together to make our vision of Blue Dreams USA's Expressions of Nature a reality. We wish to share these moments with you. Our journey and dreams are now yours to enjoy through this website. Our collection of exclusive pieces we hope will capture your hearts in the same way it captured us.

Our gratitude is to those who during the time we developed some of these ideas gave us their full support, positive feedback, suggestions as well as their loving beliefs that these are worthy of sharing to our community and to the world.

Our farm has truly been a home for our dreams and we hope to weave more dreams to be nurtured for you and all of us to enjoy. From our home to yours, may you find this website a true reflection of nature’s inspiration, and an appreciation of nature-inspired thoughtful way of living!

With our best wishes
Jeff and Imelda

People and Partners Behind Blue Dreams USA

Imelda Roberts

Chief Creative Officer

Imelda is responsible for overall planning, design and strategic directions of Blue Dreams USA. A multi-awarded executive, Imelda is also responsible for creative direction, from product inception to execution. She is the creative force behind a number of major projects of Blue Dreams USA imparting her creative vision for the entire product lines of Blue Dreams Lavender, Blue Dreams Roses, Blue Dreams Tea Time Collection and Blue Dreams Home & Arts.

A recipient of Ellis Island Medal of Honor, Imelda uses her passion and connection to leverage the presence of Blue Dreams to various communities in the USA and abroad.

Visit ImeldaRoberts.com for more information about Imelda.

Jeff Snively

Vice President
Chief Operating Officer

Jeff is the Vice President and Chief Operating Officer in charge of various farm operations, administrative and operating services. He is the creative mind behind the planning and construction of facilities in Blue Dreams farm located at Frederick, Maryland.

With over 30 years management experience in administrative, contracts and pricing, Jeff is also in charge of managing financial and other administrative functions including contracts and purchasing.

Lavender, Roses & Tea Inspiring Gifts of Nature's Beauty. Our Specialty Handmade Lovingly!

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