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"When your heart is touched by simple things that God has created like the flowers, the bees, butterflies and yes, tea - we know the soul is grounded with simple pleasures and the here and now. For this simple but, quietly profound inner joy the Almighty Power who made all these things possible lives in you." Imee Roberts

With love for tea, we cherished the time where we spend tea time moments and just savor the goodness of tea with natural ingredients while enjoying the view of the blue sky and our farm. This heartening peaceful moment led to a dream that one day we will have a tea house of our own, right in our farm serving our very own Blue Dreams Tea.

And why not, for tea, best known as the “Nature’s Elixir” is the most consumed drinks in the world next to water. There is much history and cultures that go with tea, including the Boston Tea Party that led to American independence. For more than 500 years and regardless of cultures, millions of people around the globe enjoy and savor the flavors of tea. Tea plant is an evergreen of the Camellia Sinensis and native to China and India. In the US alone, it is a multi-billion industry.

In Blue Dreams USA Farm Boutique Tea Room, you will find special blends of gourmet organic teas with a touch of lavenders from our own farm. We also feature a variety of tea blends from one of the biggest tea exporting companies and direct from farms teas in Sri Lanka.

Our own tea from the Philippines called “Tsaa” made of local organic ingredients like ginger, turmeric and lemon grass will also be our specialty. With a unique blend of coco sugar, we consider our gourmet Blue Dreams USA Tea collection as healthier alternative.

What is tea without a tea pot and tea cup? Our Team Time Moments Porcelain Collection of Tea Sets Imelda personally designed are hand painted work of arts. We are confident it is a collection you would want to own or to give as a gift to someone special. Our lavender-inspired signature collection comes in beautiful packaging and worthy to be a part of your tea pot set collection.

"Tea Time Moments" is also about hearty moments not only for ourselves but for special people we care about. Hence, our signature designs include Hearty Moments Collection designed for special times and special people where we celebrate the moments with our loved ones.

Tea Time Moments

Blue Dreams USA is your special kind of gourmet tea using fresh quality ingredients from our farm and overseas. As tea lovers, we know that nothing can substitute for fresh blends of tea that comes from organically grown methods. We have partnered with a large tea farm in Sri-Lanka to bring you some of the best blends of Ceylon and English green, black and white tea ingredients.

Grounded from our love of Imelda’s native country, the Philippines, we are proud to bring you “Tea from Pearl of the Orient” that includes a special blend of herb from organic farms – ginger, turmeric and lemongrass. Our herbal teas are grounded to crystallized form in golden pearl colors sweetened lightly with brown sugar, or coco sugar.

Flower Power Tea

A special blends of gourmet teas that bring the healthy culinary power of flowers like lavender, jasmine, sunflower, roses, chrysanthemum and echinacea in addition to green tea and black tea.

Tea for the Heart

Many researches have been done in the healthy value of tea to our hearts. Tea for the Heart combine a blend of tea, fruit and flower ingredients that are known to be healthy friendly and have nutritional values that have been found by researchers as good for our hearts.

Tea From the Pearl of the Orient

We offer special blends of tea from Asia, including the Philippines.
Check out for currently available blends of tea.

Ginger Pearls Tea

“Salabat,” a common “Tsaa” or tea in the Philippines made from ginger and from this inspiration, we bring you Blue Dreams Ginger Pearls. Enjoy this lightly sweetened ginger tea as it is, or use this as a light ginger-flavored sweetener. Our Ginger Pearls Tea comes with a choice of brown sugar or coco sugar.

Turmeric Pearls Tea

Known as “Banglay,” in the Philippines, turmeric is actually a native of India and has been used for thousands of years as a spice, a nutritional supplement and has been known as a medicinal herb. Our Blue Dreams Turmeric Pearls is in tea form that can be used alone, or use to spice up any other tea. It comes with a choice of brown sugar or coco sugar.

Lemongrass Pearls Tea

Known as “Tanglad” in the Philippines, the lemongrass pearls tea is sure to be a favorite. Native to Africa and Asia, the lemongrass plants are used as culinary flavoring and in perfumes. Based on researches, “ it is known for its antioxidant properties that can help protect your cells from damage by free radicals.”

Lavender, Roses & Tea Inspiring Gifts of Nature's Beauty. Our Specialty Handmade Lovingly!

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