Blue Dreams USA Books & Music

Our farm has been a source of inspiration for the following book projects. In this section we also want to share other projects done by Imelda Roberts.

In the future, we hope our farm will be an inspirational place for artistic collaboration. We hope it becomes a haven for books, music and arts lovers, a place to inspire and be inspired to sing, write, paint, or do something creative to honor and celebrate the beauty of nature and Mother Earth.

Please explore some of our past and upcoming creations!

Thoughtful Expressions of Nature

By Imelda Roberts
Published by Blue Dreams USA
To Be Announced

Raleigh’s Moments

By Imelda Roberts
Published by Blue Dreams USA
To Be Announced

Imee Music & Imagination

Here are some selected songs that reflect upon our dreams, our journey, and the world we live in. We also dedicate our efforts to the children of the world! Tagalog and Spanish versions of some songs are also available below.

Title Singer Composer Music Clips
Blue Dreams in My Heart Nicole Forcadela Imelda Roberts, Vehnee Saturno & Tito Cayamanda
My World Is Your World Lordenn Panganiban Imelda Roberts & Vehnee Saturno
Ang Mundo Ko Ay Mundo Mo Lordenn Panganiban Imelda Roberts & Vehnee Saturno
Tu Mundo Es Mi Mundo Lisbeth Melgar Imelda Roberts & Vehnee Saturno
Translated by Lisbeth Melgar
Barefooted Soul Roxanne Barcelo Imelda Roberts
Perfect State of Mind Roxanne Barcelo Imelda Roberts
We are the Children of the World Jennifer Soto Imelda Roberts
Kami'y Anak ng Mundo Roxanne Barcelo Imelda Roberts
Somos Los Ninos Del Mundo Jennifer Soto Imelda Roberts
Fly Away, Soar Like an Eagle Cindy Shelton & Ray Williams Imelda Roberts
What on Earth Would I Leave Behind Cindy Shelton Imelda Roberts

You may also visit Imee Music & Imagination Website -

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